Instructions to the Classroom Facilities (GHK )

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Instructions to the Classroom Facilities(GHK)

Multimedia Integrated Control Pad and Card Slot


. Begin class

  • Insert your ID card into the card slot to turn on the central power, the projector and speakers will be turned on automatically. (Please do not remove card during class. The central power will be cut immediately when the card removed)

. End class

  • Take your ID card from the card slot, all devices will be powered off automatically.

Ⅲ. Project input signal select

  • PC: Press the PC to swap the Virtual PC signal. You can plug USB flash into the cable below to. use your USB flash.


  • Laptop: Plug the HDMI cable into your laptop, press Laptop to swap the signal to your laptop

    (Note: 1. You may need to press the function button (Win + P) on your laptop in order to output you signal. 2. If your laptop does not have HDMI port. Please use the adaptor on the podium to switch signal, then use HDMI cable.)

  • Visualizer: Press Visualizer to swap this device signal. The visualizer is in the podium.


  • Video: Plug the Type C cable into your laptop, press Video to swap the signal to your laptop.

. Volume

  • Press the button Line mute, Vol+, Vol- to control the volume.

  • You can also control the volume by your laptop.

V. Video and Mic for online class

  • The USB cable below contain Camera and Mic. Faculty can plug this USB cable to your laptop then have online class for your students by Blackboard or Zoom.

  • Mic is placed on the podium table and do not move the Mic. Camera is in the back of the classroom. You can control the camera by the remote controller.

          image.png  image.png 


For IT Support, please contact IT Service Desk:


Or call: 55870707 (ex.710707)

Or visit our office:  Public space of GEH D2

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