common issues

陈奕余Created at:Oct 28, 2022 09:01:11Updated at:Feb 20, 2024 15:26:33


    How to access WKU Email & Kean Email



    2.1How to use WiFi on campus


    2.2How to turn off “Private MAC Address” on your device 关闭私有Mac地址


    2.3How to bind/unbind terminal to your network account 绑定/解绑设备


    2.4How to install Cisco VPN on laptop and phone



    3.1How to book video classroom for video taping


    3.2Instructions to the Classroom Facilities (GEH)


    3.3Instructions to the Classroom Facilities (GHK )


    3.4Use Camera and Mic in classroom for online class support


    3.5How to use virtual PC


    3.6How to use the device of Faculty Lounge

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